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Welcome! We are a driving school located in the heart of Chinatown in Boston. We offer driving lesson services with modern, up-to-date vehicles and quality certified instructors, who have over 15+ years expertise teaching student drivers in the Greater Boston area. Our office is conveniently accessible by public transportation. In addition, we provide a flexible pick-up and drop-off service for our students at designated locations throughout Boston and within Quincy. To get started, contact us or come directly to our school to register with a permit.

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Driving Instruction Lessons:

Each driving lesson is $32* per 45-minute session. Also, lessons may be booked as double sessions for 1.5 hours for $64*. Booking times for lessons are available every day, Monday through Sunday. Call in advance to check for availability and arranging appointments. Walk-ins are welcome.

Driver's Education Programs:

We have reasonable package pricing for driver's education. Completion of the driver's education course is mandated by the Massachusetts RMV for students who want to obtain their driver's license before the age of 18. Of course, the 18+ are welcome to join the program as well. The $599* package includes:

- 30 Hours of Classroom Instruction
- 12 Hours of Driving In-Car Training
- 6 Hours of In-Car Observation
- 2 Hour Class of Student with Parent Class Instruction

Road Test Scheduling:

Taking a road test is the final step to obtaining a license. The test's purpose is to assess the student's ability to drive safely while adhering to the laws of the road. We can help with the booking process.

- $150 to book within two weeks
- $100 to (potentially) book on a weekend. Contact the school for the next available date, usually a 3 week wait.
- $100 to book in one month at Watertown or Braintree
- $80 to book in two months

Note: The RMV charges $35 for every road test you take, which is not covered by us.

All options include a sponsorship from an instructor and road-test certified vehicle. If you have your own road test booked and would just like the sponsorship and vehicle, it will cost $100 if it is in Braintree or Watertown. Contact the school for any other location.

Metro Boston Driving School image
Metro Boston Driving School image

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Pick-Up Locations

Boston Area:

(1) 65 Harrison Ave. Suite 408 Boston, MA 02111 [Maps]
(2) St. James Church, on 135 Harrison Ave.[Maps]
(3) The YMCA @ Tufts Medical Center Station; (Orange Line) [Maps]
(4) Broadway Station; (Red Line)[Maps]

Quincy Area:

(1) North Quincy McDonald; (Red Line) [Maps]
(2) Wollaston Station; (Red Line) [Maps]
(3) Quincy Center Station; (Red Line) [Maps]

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Contact Us:

School Address:
65 Harrison Ave. Suite 408 Boston, MA 02111[Maps]

Office Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Telephone: 617-482-3939 or 617-482-3839
Fax: 617-482-3839
Instructor: 617-595-2784


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Do I need a permit? Yes. In order to start practicing to drive, a student needs to have a permit on-hand.
Do you have a pick-up service from our home? No. Students are required to come to our vicinity each time for lessons and road tests. Please check the pick-up locations section above to see it may suit your convenience.
In what languages are your services available? We are bilingual in English and Chinese: Mandarin and Cantonese.
Do you have a lesson cancellation policy? Yes. No-shows and appointment cancellations within 36 hours prior to, are subjected to a $15* penalty per driving lesson. To avoid this charge, please cancel or reschedule before the 36-hour period.

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